You can test whether you have your settings right by scanning the same image with dust and scratch removal techniques in «48 Bit» mode and without in «48 Bit HDR» mode. SE версию можно «перепрошить» на Ai Studio. SilverFast 8 supports Multi-Tasking and the latest 64bit hardware and is therefore extremely fast and efficient. Because of the significance of this addition, let me provide a bit of introduction to the DNG format itself. О магазине Адреса и телефоны Помощь Способы оплаты Как получить скидку? This image was a small set of 6 images I had purchased in Amsterdam at a museum where you were not allowed to take photos. More about the JobMonitor ….

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SilverFast(R) Archive Suite, version , New great features, but with bumps

There is no place anywhere in this software sklverfast offers a message saying «Load Images. Больше о кодахроме …. If you have an inexpensive scanner, the options available to you are significantly less than if you have a good quality wilverfast. The idea behind this is that with greater exposure, digital noise can be resolved more accurately, similar to using a lower ISO on a digital camera and somewhat reduced in the final combined images. Страница 1 из 4 Страницы: This offer is naturally also valid for SilverFast versions bundled with a scanner device or purchased from a dealer.

SilverFast Ai combines a very intuitive 2-level user interface with sophisticated and professional control. Descreening Printing screen filter.


Aligning two separate multi exposure scans can be problematic if the mechanism of the equipment is not in the best shape. Как вступить в сообщество? An additional benefit of scanning silvetfast DNG is that you do not need to make any decisions during the scanning process: Although SilverFast does an excellent job of finding all of the images to place a frame around, it does not automatically tilt the frame to the image.

Вступление в silvefrast происходит автоматически без одобрения кандидатуры вступающего другими членами сообщества. What you actually find though is that the Frame icon hides a variety of tools in a dropdown menu as shown to the right.

There are also tutorials and documentation available on line for the both products.

The WorkflowPilot leads you through all of the steps necessary to get a scan in the proper order. In fact, it will be a lot slower, but the quality you get will be excellent. This means you can either sit by the scanner doing other work on the computer, reading a book or walk away from the computer not knowing when everything will be done. Так и 6-кой многие до сих пор пользуются, чем 7-ка лучше?

Для организаций Позвонить с сайта Получить скидку Онлайн-консультант.

When you look at a digital image, you are not really looking at red, blue and green pixels. You do have several options: Отправить sioverfast в виде личного сообщения Модератору.


But once you close that image and silverfxst back in the VLT, the image looks just as bad as it did before you started enhancing the image.


Below is a «before and after» set. WorkflowPilot — режим подсказки поддержит пользователя на каждом этапе обработки изображений. Windows Совместимость с Vista: Показывать по клику Показывать по наведению.

For each image, the photographer can also retrieve critical EXIF information from his digital silvdrfast files. These concepts are sound, but the implementation by the software under review produces subtle variations.

SilverFast Scanner and Image Processing Software

Create professional looking silvrfast from your scanner: It provides a unique concept silvercast efficiently digitizing and processing your images.

Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. These very small sidecar files simply sit in the same folder as the raw images and when you view the images in Lightroom or Adobe Bridge, you are automatically viewing the image with the interpretation of the sidecar instructions. Admittedly, one negative of creating these larger bit images is that they are larger storage images.